Meet us at the A+A 2021

After what felt like forever, October gave us the chance to get back out in the field internationally to visit the behemoth that is the A+A bi-annual exhibition taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany.

We took the opportunity to say hello to old friends and to make new acquaintances and it was great to see that although the world had stopped, innovation in safety hadn’t.

In addition to the established global brands, 2021 also saw the rise of many new and exciting innovations set to make their mark in 2022 from all over the globe, with some even bringing a mini version of their manufacturing facility to show how it’s done!

So although attendance was lower than usual (for obvious reasons), there were no shortage of outstanding innovations to be seen and enthusiastic professionals to promote them.

2022 is an exciting year for PPE, which is an acronym now recognised globally and respected. So with this new found appreciation, we’re confident that we will continue to see significant investment in safety technology, with new and exciting innovations.

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